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I am a freelance digital storyteller in the Bay Area. I work with an army of uber talented professionals.
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Interviewing Director James Cameron



Freelance Video Producer/Editor:

Various editorial and corporate clients including, Reuters,The Daily Beast, and KPCB. Head of Video/Multimedia Producer




Creating the Nebula (Interactive Doc)

Unauthorized Access (Hacker Doc)


Showrunner/Series Producer:  

Gamespot/Extended Play (videogame show) Tech TV (5 Years)

The Net Cafe (PBS) 

Cranky Geeks with John C Dvorak (Ziff Davis)


Freelance Writer/Photographer:

The Daily Beast, Wired, The Guardian (UK), CNET, .Net, Baltimore Sun, CapeX (Japan)



Webby Award

'Creating the Nebula'

"Behind the Scenes at California Academy of Science'

MIN Award:

'Sea Cowboys'

MIN Award:

Best Magazine Video (Wired)

MIN Award:

'Cranky Geeks'


Festivals and Exhibitions:

Danish Film Institute:

'Unauthorized Access'

Reina Sophia Museum Madrid:

'Unauthorized Access'

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